About the author


Welcome. My name is Rachelle Pavelko, and I am an Assistant Professor within Bradley University’s Department of Communication.

As a researcher, my focus is on health communication; more specifically, the effects of different types of media portrayals of mental illness on the audience. My dissertation, “Beyond stigma: Developing and testing a scale of perceived trivialization of mental illness,” created a measure of trivialization and then empirically tested it in an experimental design. I look forward to expanding upon this program of research while at Bradley.

Prior to earning my doctorate from Indiana University’s Media School, I received my B.A. in journalism from Ohio Northern University, where my focus was on news writing and graphic design. I served as an editor and reporter for the campus newspaper and worked as a general assignment reporter with The Lima News and The Ada Herald. I earned my M.A. in journalism from the University of Memphis where I also worked in the advertising production office of the student-run newspaper and as a teaching assistant on campus, alongside a corporate communications internship. After my master’s, I worked as the marketing and social media communications manager at an insurance company in Northeastern Ohio.