She’s not sorry: Demi Lovato, Mental health champion


Image courtesy of News Flash.

Since going public regarding her own struggles with addiction, disordered eating and bipolar disorder, Demi Lovato has been a vocal, persistent advocate for mental wellness.

She is continually encouraging her fans, and beyond, to speak openly and honestly about their own experiences in an attempt to minimize the stigmatization and trivialization that still cloud perceptions of mental illness.

Lovato is known for giving candid interviews, affirming that even though she is advocating for mental health reform, she doesn’t feel particularly inspirational, because she still struggles with her own wellness. This sincerity is likely why so many of her fans identify so strongly with her.

Screenshot 2018-03-09 16.05.07.png

Lovato with CAST founder and CEO, Mike Bayer.  Image courtesy of CAST.

Most recently, Lovato announced her partnership with the CAST foundation, affording her the opportunity to offer free mental health sessions  at each of her upcoming tour dates. An impressive initiative from an impressive woman.



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