What’s going on, as told by Bradley PR writers

This semester, my PR writing students are analyzing and responding to a different current event issue from the PR industry during Friday class. (Friday mornings are definitely made for blogging. Sometimes even faculty puppies visit.)

Screenshot 2018-02-09 19.02.58

This Is Us viewers take on the kitchen appliance.

In our first week, these budding PR all-stars discussed the NY Mets offering a dedicated fan an epic prom picture backdrop. Check out Kenzie’s synopsis of the scenario and how it exemplifies good PR practices.

Last week, we pulled out the Kleenex boxes and worked through Jack Pearson’s death on This Is Us; more specifically, the crisis communication outreach Crockpot engaged in after their product was the source of a catastrophic house fire. Bryce shares his thoughts about this pressure-cooked event and whether the show’s creators have a responsibility to promote fire safety standards.

And today, we couldn’t let the opportunity to talk about “Lady Doritos” pass us by. As a class we deduced that both men and women alike enjoy crunching, can reasonably maneuver with the same-shaped snack bag, and will probably shake the crumbs at the bottom straight into their faces. Turn to Catherine’s blog to see how she assessed the issue statement from Doritos, as well as the suggestions offered for how the company could better promote gender equality.


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