Mental health amongst 2018 media

pexels-photo-122383.jpegThe importance of thoughtful, informed discussion regarding mental health remains heightened as we enter into a new year. A recent article shares a promising take on communicating about and representing positive discussions of mental wellness:

A new series on BBC Future, #LikeMinded, aims to tackle a relevant debate regarding the impact of social media use on our mental health.

Facebook recently shared a blog post addressing this issue, suggesting that while social media isn’t inherently negative or damaging to our mental wellbeing, it certainly can be if used improperly.

The objective behind #LikeMinded is to offer a review of current research on the relationship between social media use and mental health. Some of the topics that are said to be addressed in this series are social media addiction, ties between social media use and self-esteem, and insight into mental health based on the content of social media posts.

Looking forward to following along with the #LikeMinded findings.

Read more about the new series from BBC Future here: #LikeMinded


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